Day 11 by Nate Geballe

Today is travel day. Many many hours in the car. I might just drive myself crazy thinking about food. Good thing I won't be traveling alone. I don't think that I could do it by myself at the moment. I would make the first fast food stop I could. 

I slept a good part of the morning away. I just would rather kill the time I have before departure asleep I guess. My scale arrived in the mail last night. I stepped on and I'm convinced it's inaccurate. It says that I've lost over 20 lbs. I suppose it isn't too out of the ordinary considering I'm not eating much at all and most of it is coming from protein shakes. I would be very happy if it were true. It would be so satisfying to show them at Cedars that I really did it. That I took it seriously and lost some weight. Better yet for myself. 

Today I FEEL nervous.