Day 4 Post Op by Nate Geballe

I'm sleeping better. I'm usually a side/stomach sleeper but I've been surprisingly comfortable on my back. Especially at home, my bed is so much more comfortable than the hospital ones. Thank god for that. 

Everyone has been really supportive so far. It's nice to know that people have my back through this crazy time. It makes me feel better. As far as the liquids and protein go, I need to get to steppin. It's not easy to get all 64 ounces down and atleast 75-100g of protein. Maybe I just need to get up earlier in the day. 

I'm going to shoot today. This will be my first day shooting since I got home. Should be interesting. I have a lot of photos that I still need to edit from over the week. I like that I have work to do. Adds a sense of usefulness to my day. 

Today I FEEL more optimistic.