Day 10 by Nate Geballe

More than a week of writing, but feeling like I'm not exactly sure what to write about anymore. C'mon, no ideas?!? I think it's because I'm sort of in the waiting pool. Nothing has really changed either way yet. I have bad days where the food is rough and then I have days where it's manageable and I have a bit of hope. 

Bah humbug! Thanksgiving is in a couple days. Damnit! I want to eat Thanksgiving! I know that I can't and it's going to suck, but I guess... whatever. I just don't want all the questions to flood in. Why aren't you eating? What's this about? No food for you?! YEAH NO FOOD FOR ME! And it's about to get harder.

Today I FEEL somewhat resentful. My food card has been revoked...damn.