post op

Things are easier by Nate Geballe

I did a vlog today. It was about how things are easier now. Daily tasks that I found hard before surgery are now a lot easier and or don't give me trouble anymore. I can sleep without having to worry about my CPAP machine. I can sit in a booth at a restaurant. Well, some of them. I don't have to take Zantac every night because I'm afraid of burping acid in my sleep. I can put on my socks and shoes now without a struggle. It's nice. I'm not so worried anymore. 

Today I FEEL ok. 

Home again by Nate Geballe

I got back to Los Angeles yesterday. The drive wasn't that bad. It actually went by really quickly. But I made a very poor decision before I left home. I didn't pack anything food wise for the road. I stopped at a gas station about 1.5 hours from L.A. and grabbed a banana. It was only thing that I found that I can really eat at this stage. IT TASTED SO GOOD! Probably the best banana that I've had in forever. I hope to not make that mistake again. It's not pleasant to drive that long running on empty. 

I shot once while I was at home. Down at the barn. I tried to get in the creek but I didn't want to get scratched up and possibly poison oak. I also didn't want to not be able to get back up and not have help. Maybe I will do it when I'm town next for Grandpa's birthday. The photos came out pretty interesting. It surprises me when I get a good photo out of something that I thought was a waste of time. 

I bought underwater housing too. Equinox, for my Mark III. Maybe that will be the designated underwater cam. I want to shoot in the pool the next time I head up North. It will be freezing but I seem to get pretty cool images while in the water. I can always call ahead of time and ask that they turn on the pool. 

I'm getting really impatient. I want so many things to happen that are happening quickly but so seemingly slow at the same time. I'm scared of my weight. Weighing less is weighing on me. Losing weight is weighing on me. I guess I'm just scared, anxious and nervous for this next year. Seems like it might be a big one. 

Today I FEEL anxious/motivated. 

Day 7 Post Op by Nate Geballe

Today has been a week since surgery. I'm feeling better and stronger each day. Today is the first day that I've walked at a normal speed since pre-op. I'm having pretty vivid nightmares. Or at least they are nightmares to me. Last night I dreamt that I had forgotten that I had surgery and was half way through a Jack in the Box burger before remembering again. I was surprised to wake up not in pain. 

I have to do some more shooting today. I feel like when I'm not shooting everyday, I'm behind. I must do some more video diaries as well. I feel like I'm also lacking in that department. Chip chop, hurry up!

Today I FEEL excited to be walking better. 

Day 5 Post Op by Nate Geballe

Yesterday was really difficult. I never imagined I would feel that shitty. Every time I thought about a protein shake I wanted to throw up. I managed to get two down which is 60 grams of protein. That is 15 grams less than the minimum I need daily. I'm so scared of malnutrition. I DON'T want to lose my hair!

I didn't shoot yesterday. I didn't have the strength to set it all up. I was too tired. I take walks during the day but they only last about five minutes before I think I'm getting too tired. I will shoot today. I have help today. Today I will be ok. 

Today I FEEL better than yesterday. Thank gawd. 

Day 4 Post Op by Nate Geballe

I'm sleeping better. I'm usually a side/stomach sleeper but I've been surprisingly comfortable on my back. Especially at home, my bed is so much more comfortable than the hospital ones. Thank god for that. 

Everyone has been really supportive so far. It's nice to know that people have my back through this crazy time. It makes me feel better. As far as the liquids and protein go, I need to get to steppin. It's not easy to get all 64 ounces down and atleast 75-100g of protein. Maybe I just need to get up earlier in the day. 

I'm going to shoot today. This will be my first day shooting since I got home. Should be interesting. I have a lot of photos that I still need to edit from over the week. I like that I have work to do. Adds a sense of usefulness to my day. 

Today I FEEL more optimistic.