Grandpa is 95 by Nate Geballe

I've been in Nor Cal for a few days. Yesterday we all celebrated Grandpa's 95th birthday. So amazing. Dinner was really nice and I'm glad that I've been able to spend more and more time with my Grandparents over the years since I left home. There are many times, more so recently, that I think I should move home in a couple years. Colorado is also a place that speaks to me. Maybe just somewhere north. At the moment I can't even imagine leaving LA. I also can't imagine staying there for my whole life. It all just feels really confusing right now. 

Today I FEEL tired. 

Day 9 Post Op by Nate Geballe

Today is a new day! I am on stage two of my new meal plan! Soups! Pudding! Yogurt! Almond Milk! FUCK YEAH! The constant protein shakes, water and occasional chicken broth was making me feel shitty. I haven't had solid food in over two weeks. That's crazy to me. No wonder I keep having dreams about stealing and eating EVERYONE's mac n' cheese. Haha. 

I haven't really shot in a couple of days. Makes me feel down on this project. That I'm not doing enough. But honestly, I JUST HAD MAJOR SURGERY! I am doing ENOUGH! But I will say this, I will make more of an effort to shoot a little and do more video diaries. That is a must. Must must must. 

Today I FEEL excited? Weird...

Day 11 by Nate Geballe

Today is travel day. Many many hours in the car. I might just drive myself crazy thinking about food. Good thing I won't be traveling alone. I don't think that I could do it by myself at the moment. I would make the first fast food stop I could. 

I slept a good part of the morning away. I just would rather kill the time I have before departure asleep I guess. My scale arrived in the mail last night. I stepped on and I'm convinced it's inaccurate. It says that I've lost over 20 lbs. I suppose it isn't too out of the ordinary considering I'm not eating much at all and most of it is coming from protein shakes. I would be very happy if it were true. It would be so satisfying to show them at Cedars that I really did it. That I took it seriously and lost some weight. Better yet for myself. 

Today I FEEL nervous.