Holy Smokes, It's 2015. by Nate Geballe

I remember Y2K. I remember 2002. I remember all these things that have now past and seem like a far distant memory. It is really hard to believe that it is 2015. I'm almost 27. I'm almost 30!!! Talk about terrifying. 

I've been having trouble with eating lately. I don't eat too much. Well, I used to eat too much. But more so my problem is eating too fast. When I eat too fast, it really takes a toll on my stomach. It feels like someone is stabbing me and it's so incredibly frustrating. I guess I need to learn how to slow the hell down. Especially now that my stomach is like the size of an acorn. It's not, but it feels like it sometimes. 

I'm eating breakfast right now and feel like I can't finish it. I've barely touched it actually. Oh well, it will get better the farther and farther I am away from surgery. Or at least I hope so. Having surgery has been exponentially harder than I ever anticipated. It's like binging and whatever else is easy. Being sane with food is the actual work. 

Today I FEEL tired. 

Day 10 Post Op by Nate Geballe

Today is the second day of my new meal plan phase. I can't even begin to describe how good that tomato soup was yesterday. Probably the best thing I've had in my entire life. I guess when you haven't eaten anything remotely solid for over two weeks, anything seems good. I'm feeling a lot better than I was this time last week. Time heals as they say. And last night was nice, lot's of laughing and a good mood. 

I'm GOING to shoot tonight. I'll have help which should be motivating. It's just so intimidating when I'm all by myself and not 100% normal. But today is the first day that I've felt really good and able to move around well. 

Today I FEEL pretty damn good.