Day 16 Post Op / by Nate Geballe

I'm pretty damn tired today. Yesterday was long. This week has been long. Everything has been long. All I want to do is take a nap. 

I feel like I've somewhat fallen behind on my creating. I haven't done a video diary in awhile which I swore to myself I'd do today. It just makes me really uncomfortable to do them in front of others and I've been using that as my excuse. My back has really been hurting too, so maybe I do have an excuse after all. 

I started a new phase of the meal plan yesterday. I wasn't eating hardly at all and felt so damn weak that I started it one day early. Everything on the week 2 diet made me nauseous to even think about. Except the soup. I did like the soup. Today I had an egg and some avocado for breakfast. Even though it was mashed to bits, it tasted so damn right. So damn right. 

Today I FEEL stronger.