Day 4 / by Nate Geballe

Today is day 4 of the liquid pre-op diet. It's getting easier but I think about food all the time. It's consistently on my mind. "Are they going to brunch? They must be going to brunch in a group like that!" 

I keep thinking that I'm going to wake up and be able to eat food again. Or I'll day dream and think that it's finally time to eat again. In reality, I won't be able to really eat again for another couple of months. Might as well get used to it, eh?

Things are starting to get down to the wire. I'm still shooting regularly. I know that I can NEVER stop producing work. That would be the end of me if I did. I finally compiled a short docu-movie together of what I've been recording. It makes me cry almost every time I watch it. It's so hard to hear myself say those things. They become more real instead of just random thoughts floating around in my head. This is all I have for now. 

Lastly, I FEEL down.