Nathaniel “Nate” Geballe is a transgender artist, living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area. Formerly Samantha Geballe, Nathaniel has begun transitioning from female to male, and identifies as a trans-man, assuming the pronouns he/him.

Nate’s involvement in art began in early childhood, and he has used creative expression to cope with loss, loneliness, cultivate imagination, and for connection with others. He is working on an on-going self-portrait series, Self Untitled, that explores body-image, gender, sexuality, and healing; challenging viewers to investigate their own self-acceptance and acknowledgment of differences. His work explores emotion, personal experience, trauma, and vulnerability.

Nate incorporates various mediums in his series; writing, drawing, film, imagery, etc. finding that they are all crucial to his project and process. He believes in the long-term nature of Self Untitled, as change and adaptation come over an extended period of time.

Nathaniel believes he should be able to make art about and around his life forever, and still not be finished exploring possibilities.