(2013 - Present)

This is not another fat kid’s story. There are times when I do assume that role but it does not define me. I can find many reasons to explain why I ate, but it would be all too easy to displace blame. What people simply do not realize are the functions of obesity: I used my size, masked vulnerabilities, and created walls as a way to protect myself. It is how I survived as I hid behind my weight.

I make self-portraits in order to reverse perspective from how I see myself to my interpretation of how I am seen by others. Self-Untitled envisions the feeling that false interpretation provokes, and speaks more broadly to the mistreatment of a person.

This is a body of work that requires fearlessness. I have had to set my doubts aside in order to convey my intended message. I think judgment of people derives from lack of understanding. My judgement emerges when I make conclusions about the present using my past experiences. This pattern is cyclical, but I can change the outcome by humanizing myself to others.

I have learned and strive to depict in my art is that being vulnerable and forming connection can be healing. I share my body and my story not as a way to seek pity or define myself as a number, but as a venue for a viewer to say “I’ve been there too.”